Are you thinking about purchasing your dream home? Your sea-view unique property? Salerno might surprise you! It is a seaside city on the Tyrrhenian Sea, 50 kms away from Naples and a 50-minute ferry ride from Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

A gem with a lovely, mild climate, it is well connected to other Italian cities by high-speed railway. If you love strolling, Salerno’s seafront promenade is one of the most charming with cool benches and historic buildings overlooking the sea.

Do you have a high-value apartment or property and would like it to be acquired by someone who cares about your city? In this article you may find interesting information about selling your family home to those who can love it.

Why you should choose Salerno

Salerno is a peaceful city with one of the highest potentials for economic growth and urbanization in the South. Maybe this is part of the reason why real estate keeps its value and prices per square meter are higher than in other seaside cities.

In a strategic position between the Amalfi and Cilento coasts, a university city of the most appreciated, Salerno also turns out to be better organized and more popular from the point of view of real estate transactions, which characterizes a dynamic and positive market.

From our experience, we are indeed now experiencing a growing request for luxury properties designed by renowned architects and remodeled with fine materials, in well-maintained and upgraded condos.

We are often not able to respond to this need because these solutions are highly demanded since they are rare, and so they are sold very quickly. To the point of discouraging interested potential buyers who may desist from the search.

We have an extensive experience and want to make our clients feel comfortable every step of the way, especially when they are looking for their sea-view “kingdom”.

How much does it cost to buy a property in Salerno?

Yes, we confirm that Salerno is one of the most expensive cities in the South of Italy. Compared to the other main cities of Campania, Salerno is more peaceful and safer. It has prestigious properties located in historic buildings, good services and connections that make property prices stable. 

The high demand for prestigious properties, evaluated especially for their finishes, exposition, type of building, and appliances such as garages, parking space, increase the prices.

If you then add the sea view or the aspiration to have a terrace overlooking the blue, the demand skyrockets.

Just to provide some examples. In the city center  the value of a 4 rooms property is between 3500 and 5000 thousand euros per square meter.Who wants to buy a dream home in Salerno?

First-home buyers are 60 percent people who are originally from Salerno but live in other areas of Italy, especially in the North, or abroad.

And if before the pandemic, the search for a luxury property was mainly beyond national borders, today’s prospective buyers are choosing to stay in Italy and dream of solutions with every amenity, including those to be customized, as long as they stay in the most central areas and with the best services and connections close at hand.

Ten percent of those looking for prestigious real estate in Salerno are foreigners, coming mainly from Switzerland, France, Germany or the United States.

The remaining 30% are entrepreneurs from all over the province of Salerno including Nocera, Pagani, Sarno, Capaccio Paestum and the hinterland of Naples, and Vesuvian countries who want to make their Family live here, in Salerno. 

Professionals, therefore, who already have an available amount of money to invest and want to acquire their sea-view property in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city.

For those who own a valuable property, possibly a family home, and still have some doubts about selling, we would like to affirm that this is the best moment to sell since demand is high and there are not many truly desirable valuable solutions.

The Building Unit is already a visiting card for potential buyers, often. But the materials used for the restructuring and the choice of an architect or interior designer already known on the market also makes a difference. Any extras such as a garage or a terrace will make the property a priceless gem.

Which areas are considered the most beautiful?

Which areas of Salerno are considered most desirable? For those with high purchasing power, the entire part of the main “Corso” from the intersection of Via dei Principati to Portanova Square. The Duomo neighborhood, Piazza Malta, the Trieste waterfront promenade and some of the condos of Lungomare Colombo.  

Then there are the new buildings in the Arbostella neighborhood, those in the former Marzotto Factory, and, for those who want to experience an independent living solution, the villas in the neighborhood of the first hillside section of Salerno – Panoramic Area – Sala Abbagnano.

Regno vista mare immobili di pregio a Salerno

Are there any requirements to consider in order to make a purchase that will preserve its value?

According to the EU Green Homes Directive, residential properties must achieve energy class E by 2030 and energy class D by 2033.

All new buildings will have to be zero-emission starting in 2028.

These new requirements have created turbulence in the market, which, however, is not being discouraged even facing rising mortgage interest rates. 

For those who choose historic and antique properties, the benefit is to bring improvements that will raise the energy class. For those who pensare a questa soluzione, ci sono le nuove costruzioni nelle zone più decentrate a ovest.

These new requirements have created turbulence in the market, which, however, is not being discouraged even facing rising mortgage interest rates. 

For those who choose historic and antique properties, the benefit is to bring improvements that will raise the energy class. For those who do not wish to think about this solution, there are the new buildings in the more decentralized areas to the west.

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